House Of Dodo

House of Dodo is the first Mauritian street food trader to urbanise this cuisine for London’s thriving casual dining scene.

Mauritian food takes inspiration from the fusion of cultures that makes up its population, from the African, Indian and Chinese migrants, to the French and British colonisers. The result is a diverse, exotic and colourful cuisine, with flavour combinations that are unique to the island. Brought to You by Epicurean Events.

What They Serve

Coconut Beef

Beef slow cooked in Mauritian spices and fragranced with coconut and coriander.

Creole Chicken

Thyme and tomato sauce with a chili kick.

Spicy Beans

Chunky lima beans in a curry sauce.

*All served with Rice, pickled vegetables, yoghurt, mango sauce, fresh herbs and chillies.*

Stall Location

St Katherine’s Docks

Every Friday

11 am – 3 pm

Devonshire Square

1st week of every month for 5 days

11 am – 3 pm

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