Cheeky Burger

Cheeky Burger has been trading with Epicurean events for two Years, considered one of the best burgers around London; even having a Burger with Peanut Butter. It’s a Husband and wife team. Sebastien appeared on Master Chef Professionals and is classically trained French chef. He is the one who makes all of our amazing sauces and relishes from scratch. Cheeky Burger also ranked as the top food market in the British food awards 2016.

What They Serve

Cheeky Cheese 

Steak Beef patty (no egg or breadcrumbs!), cheese, homemade smoky mayo, tomato, shredded lettuce, pickles, homemade cheeky ketchup and a toasted bun.

Cheeky Bacon

Cheeky Cheese served with  our famous, homemade bacon and Jack Daniel’s jam.

Cheeky Hot Daddy

Cheeky Cheese served with homemade jalapenos, relish, and hot daddy sauce.

Cheeky Stilton

Cheeky bacon served with chunks of melted blue cheese and cheeky homemade BBQ sauce.


Cheeky cheese with a layer of BBQ, pulled, confit duck and cheeky BBQ sauce.

Cheeky Elvis

Beef patty, cheese, crispy bacon, peanut butter, grilled onions, mayo and hot daddy sauce.

Stall Location

St Katherine’s Docks

Every Friday

11am – 3pm

Devonshire Square

1st week of the month for 5 days

11 am – 3 pm

Epicurean Events is proud to be a part of Circulate, the Barts Charity heart health network. This initiative promotes heart healthy workplaces in the City of London and supports lifesaving innovation and research at Barts Heart Centre