It’s All Greek To Me

What They Serve


Freshly grilled and served on flatbread with greek salad, hummus and tzatziki

The Spartan

Chicken or Pork or Halloumi

The Trojan

Chicken or Pork or Halloumi

plus extra Halloumi or Loukaniko (wild boar sausage)

The Colossus

Chicken or Pork or Halloumi

Plus Extra Chicken or Pork

Plus Halloumi or Loukaniko (wild boar sausages)

Stall Locations

St Katherine’s Docks

Every Friday

11 am – 3 pm

Epicurean Events is proud to be a part of Circulate, the Barts Charity heart health network. This initiative promotes heart healthy workplaces in the City of London and supports lifesaving innovation and research at Barts Heart Centre