About Us

Epicurean Events Limited is a UK based company specialising in the hosting of fine food events. These events are held throughout the year in various locations, with each respective event promoting a specific speciality food theme.

We believe that good food should be readily and easily accessible to everyone. Our events help showcase the artistry behind the food, think art studios meets open communities.

Many of our traders are independent businesses and are uniquely passionate about how they source and produce their cuisines. They will go out of their way to explain the origins of their cuisines, how it is sourced, the benefits of eating fresh or organic produce and how the end product is delivered. This provides for a great conversation between producer and the consumer at our events and offers an invaluable learning experience.

Our events do not just stop at providing the best food; we also provide a range of entertainment to suit the theme and mood of our events. This can include anything from a live cookery theatre or demonstration/ talk about the production process behind certain foods to live world music, which can often be found at our World Food Markets and World Food Festivals.

Epicurean Events is proud to be a part of Circulate, the Barts Charity heart health network. This initiative promotes heart healthy workplaces in the City of London and supports lifesaving innovation and research at Barts Heart Centre